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Issue #23 – In issue 23 of Flyfisher, Lubin Pfieffer, a diehard trout and cod angler, shares his passion for chasing Murray cod on fly in SA. There’s an indepth look at hiking and fishing First Lagoon in the Western Lakes of Tasmania. Wombat Reservoir near Daylesford in Victoria is checked out in the Trout Waters column while Steve Samuels explains what’s been going on with Lake Eucumbene’s rainbow Trout.

On top of that we have reviews and a few AFN Classics, and all finished off with Mick Halls ever popular Flytalk.

Flyfisher Magazine

Flyfisher is a boutique magazine that many flyfishing enthusiasts have enjoyed ever since it first hit shelves in 1993. In the early days of publication, the magazine was an annual and soft cover issue. Flyfisher magazine then was published bi annually and has grown to earn the respect of hardened fly anglers in Australia and New Zealand. The magazine is now published six times a year in conjunction with Freshwater Fishing magazine. The editor is Trevor Hawkins, one of Australia’s most respected flyfishing authors. The magazine always attracts the best content from leading authors around the country, and in an age where fly fishing is growing in popularity once more, this is a publication to get your hands on as soon as it hits the shelves!

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Polaroiding cruising, caddis munching trout during overcast conditions.
Polaroiding Trout on Fly – SFDVD6 from AFN TV.

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