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Issue #66 Jun July Aug 2014 June, July, August 2014 of Sport Fishing magazine is packed with Winter fishing features from around Australia. Andrew McGovern hits the estuaries in search of Winter pelagics, while Dave Magner presents great fishing options in ‘puddles’. In Victoria, Brent Hodges shares his secrets to catching southern Winter bream, and Geoff Wilson looks at variations in snapper techniques. Elsewhere, Chris Raimondi enjoys fighting Red Emperors off the coast of Queensland. Remember too on the flip side of this magazine is the bonus Yak Fisher magazine!

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Red with Envy
Bush Poetry,
Flash & Fur

Winter’s Estuary Pelagics
Pulling fish from Puddles
Winter Trout

Southern Winter Bream Tactics
Gippsland’s Top Performers
Bluefin for Biginners
Superior Snapper Tactics

Live Baiting Sailfish
Kids’s Fishing Corner
Tings on all surface things
Sound side-imaging Pelagic Tactics
Talking Tech
Tackling Up

Sport Fishing Magazine

Sport Fishing Australia magazine (formerly Saltwater Sport Fishing) was the brainchild of Bill Classon. Although initially dedicated to providing saltwater only information, it has subsequently grown to include freshwater content. The publication hits shelves quarterly and has been in existence since 1997. The magazine has always used our most recognised fishing journalists as well as emerging new talent to collate the best quality and most current fishing information. The publication has developed a captivating “text book” style over the years. This includes a mix of detailed technical information, great photography and artistic diagrams to ensure you walk away with the know how to improve your results.

Audit figures show circulation of the publication to have doubled in the past two years, a sure sign that more and more anglers are finding significant benefit in the way this great magazine is constructed. If you want to see what all those other anglers are gaining the benefit of, we invite you to grab the latest copy for yourself!