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Issue #71 Sep Oct Nov 2015 – Issue 71 of Sport Fishing Australia Magazine is packed full of great Spring fishing tips, techniques and location guides. As the weather and water temps warm up so to will the fishing around Australia, and our leading team of angling authors are well placed to share locations and techniques for readers to take advantage of local and distant fishing options. Featuring articles showcasing relatively new and exciting methods that could be the trick to unlocking more reds this spring and Scott Gray shares his top tips to inspire you to give microjigging a go. Tucked away on the border of South Australia and neighbouring Victoria is the magical Glenelg River – a place that Simon Cardone can’t recommend highly enough. Sam Kitzke gives us the lowdown on tactics for micro-jigging the shallow inside reefs of Moreton Bay. Andrew McGovern confesses his love for targeting mangrove jack and describes various methods to help you pull a few out of their snag-ridden homes. Pat Williams enjoys fishing for drummer for many reasons, but perhaps none more so than their downright dirty fighting abilities. He shares his tips for pulling them out of their rocky lairs with lighter than normal tackle. Gary Brown takes us on a tour of the Port Hacking River system and lists his top 10 landbased and boat based locations, as well as the best techniques to fish them.
There’s also a roundup of the latest products hitting the tackle stores following the 2015 AFTA Show, so before hitting the water this Spring, make sure you’re prepared with the latest information and tackle: you’ll find it all in the pages of Sport Fishing Australia Magazine.



GPS Guide to Western Port Snapper

Light Tackle Piggin’
Location Guide to Port Hacking River

Luring Jacks

Microjigging Snapper
Riggin’ for Jiggin’
Kid’s Fishing Corner
Mercury Motor
Boat Review

Sport Fishing Australia magazine (formerly Saltwater Sport Fishing) was the brainchild of Bill Classon. Although initially dedicated to providing saltwater only information, it has subsequently grown to include freshwater content. The publication hits shelves quarterly and has been in existence since 1997. The magazine has always used our most recognised fishing journalists as well as emerging new talent to collate the best quality and most current fishing information. The publication has developed a captivating “text book” style over the years. This includes a mix of detailed technical information, great photography and artistic diagrams to ensure you walk away with the know how to improve your results.

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