Sportfish DVD




This Issue

Sport Fish DVD 12 boasts a wide variety of techniques and species to get even the most knowledgeable angler excited. A great mix of fresh and saltwater angling is covered as too is bait and lure fishing.




Featured Segments

Soft Plastic Mackerel – Jigging Mackerel on Soft Plastics
Stickbaiting Trout – Soft Stickbait Lures & Lake Trout
Timber Bass – Submerged Timber, Plastics & Bass
Soft Plastic Baiting – Scented Soft Plastics Basics
Micro-Jigging Pelagics – High Speed Metals & Mackerel
Multi-Luring the Estuary – Tide & Lure Selection Strategy
Snobs Creek Cod – Lake Eildon Murray Cod

Regular Segments

Travelling Angler – Fitzroy Barra on Plastic Prawns
Urban Angler – Locating Bay Snapper & Boat Anchoring
Music segment: “A Tassie Adventure”
Tutorials – The “Dropper” Knot


Run time is 2Hrs and 25 mins


Sport Fish DVD

The Sport Fish DVDis a production that is closely related to our popular publications of Freshwater Fishing Australia, Sport Fishing Australia, YAK Fisher and Flyfisher magazines. The growth of DVD fishing media has been huge in recent years. AFN customers have requested more DVD content showcasing information on how to best catch many of their favourite species. In light of the demand to produce a big variety of information in a serial style DVD, AFN launched Sport Fish DVD in October 2009. The DVD has always aimed to satisfy the requirements of a magazine. To do this it must have a large variety of segmented information to appeal to the greatest numbers of the public, in the same way our magazines do. The production has undergone subtle changes since the first volume and today it showcases 10 to 12 great segments from around Australia on every volume. The production covers Australia’s favourite fish species and includes all the tackle and techniques needed to help anglers of all ages catch that fish they strive for. For both entertainment and education, viewers will find that the more times they watch, the more they will get out of it. The DVD is available in the same retail outlets that sell AFN magazines.