Sunshine Coast Flatties

Although the weather has cooled dramatically in the past month, we have experienced an unprecedented run of big flathead in many of our southern Qld estuaries.

I had heard rumours from mates along the Gold Coast and Moreton Bay systems to this effect and headed to my local Sunshine Coast systems recently to check it out. I spent some valuable time with my son and my dad while hopping plastics throughout likely looking lies. It was an entertaining process educating a six year old as to what we are after and why we were fishing in the manner that we were. A few smaller fish came to the party but squally rain periods were making it tough. At the turn of tide, we were close to calling it a day but it is hard to leave when you know the tide is just turning and that the fish are likely to get that little more active at any stage. On this day, the gut instinct was correct and that great line-flick and subtle loss of lure weight soon dictated that something better had sucked in a 4 inh soft palstic that I was jigging. Big head shakes and a couple of runs later meant we had a big girl at the side of the boat.

Lachlan struggled to get the fish in the boat but was ever so pumped when he saw the big croc in the net. It’s moments such as these that a kid remembers forever, and I was wrapped to have hime share the moment with me. After a few quick pics, we measured her at 76 cm and swam this lovely fish beside the boat until she decided to shake her head, glare at us and cruise back to the depths. We returned home happy hunters knowing that the rumours were true – there are some pretty good flatties around at present!

- Nigel Webster

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